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activity values of object K_KA_RPT

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Hi all,

I'm working on authorization for t-code KE80. I'v found suspicious activity values of object K_KA_RPT as following:

L0 All functions

L1 Function range level 1

L2 Function range level 2

Would you please explain me about these values? I don't really understand about them.

Thanks you all in advance.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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The reason is, that if you have restrictions via particular activities for the object K_KA_RPT (you do not have "*", but "04", "16", "32", etc.), the activities L0, L1, L2 are checked as well. If you do not have any of the L0 - L2 maintained for the K_KA_RPT, the most restricted is taken into account, which leads to restricted menu in the executed report.

If a user doesn't have authority 'L0' and he execute a drilldown report with the output type 'Classic drilldown report', not all functionalities will be available in the executed report.

But the user can navigate via menue: > Extras > More functions > Level 2 in order to get more functions (e.g. Export) - if the user has authority 'L2'.

If the user execute a drilldown report with the output type 'Graphical report-output', authority 'L2' is checked.

If the user hasn't authority 'L2' all functions are displayed in the menue, but e.g. 'Export' is greyed out (inactive).

So, if you want to give the authority to export a report to an user, you have, you have to give him authority 'L2'.

You find a documentation in the 'SAP Library' under:

> Cross-Application Components > CA - Drilldown Reporting > Executing a Report: - Function Levels for Different Users.



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