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Activity rate calculation

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In Cocd A, Actual cost is zero in production cost-center XYZ where there is production during the month, so there is non-zero activity quantity.

The cost associated with production cost-center XYZ is recorded on a service cost-center ABC of Cocd B.

Now the question is, business for multiple reasons do not want to charge any cost on production cost-center XYZ and at the same time they want SAP to consider total cost on service cost-centre ABC and total quantity on production cost-centre XYZ while calculating activity rate on production cost-centre XYZ.

Is there any standard SAP solution for this requirement


Kishore Jain

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Dear , 

If you want to keep cost at service cost centre then you can run Assessment cycle and use secondary GL in cost flow cost on product cost from service cost centre. I'm not agree with custom solution.