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I have an operation in a routing of a material. The activity type is 1002 as machine .

The formula for machine is SAP006= (machine hr X operation qty) / base qty.

Machine hr= 480 min

base qty=130

in KP26 the cost for the activity type 1002 is 11 rs.

In CK13, for the material, the value for this activity type conmes as 0.7. Can anybody tell me how this is calculated.

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Answers (3)

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Your machine hour is 480 mins (i.e. 8 hrs).

Your machine hour per unit is 8/130 hr/pc

In KP26 the rate is Rs11/hr

So for each material the cost of activity would be 11*8/130 = Rs 0.68 which is almost equal to 0.7

Hope this clears you doubt.

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I guess in KP26 you have maintained the price of 11 Rs / Hr. The operation time is in Minutes, so (480/130) * (11/60) should be around 0.7 which is what you're getting.



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System is picking the value from time maintained in the routing for that material * price in KP16 for the activity type