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Activity based price planning

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Hi PP Gurus,

I have created cost center with my controlling area, activated controlling are, created secondary cost element withe cost element category 43, cerated activity. Then in KP26 assign activity type with cost center period wise & gave variable prize. In production order I get actual price perfectly but planned price getting something different. I don't know where I am wrong. Any change in configuration or what?

Jayesh Narvankar

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Hi Jayesh,

You may know this already , in case to refreh:

Production costs:

The ECC calculates the planned costs for the activities contained in an operation or suboperation via the valuation variant specified for the order type (defined via the costing variant). The values of the individual activities are specified via the activities defined in cost center accounting.

Planned Costs for Production

Whether an operation is relevant to costing depends on its control key and its costing relevancy indicator:

u2022 You can specify via the control key of the operation whether the operation is relevant to costing.

If, according to its control key, the operation is relevant to costing, you must ensure that the costing relevancy indicator is set (general data screen) for the activity produced in the operation to be costed.

Planned Costs for Internal Activity

u2022 To calculate the planned costs for carrying out an operation, the system first sets up a quantity structure for the produced activities. In a second step, the quantity structure is valuated with a price.

Setting up a Quantity Structure

SDN Wiki link for product costing

Hope this gives you insight.