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activitity type and cost ceter

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where we have to see the link between activity type and the cost center where we have to define there

how can we know the pp and Fi intrgation part .

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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First step create Cost Center Master data and Activity type(Machine,Labor etc.) master data.

Next step is goto KP26 T.code .

In KP26 you needs to plan values for each activity(Machine,Labor etc.)

goto KP26

Enter Version: 0

From Period:1

To Period :12

Fiscal year: 2008

Cost Center:XXXXXX(production cost Center)

OR Cost Center Group:XXXXX (production cost Center)

Activity Type:XXXXX(Labor,Machine etc...) OR

Activity Type Group:XXXX

Hit on overview and it will take you to next screen

here you needs to enter plan values like labor rate $20 for 60 mins or 1/hr.


Hope this helps,Please assign points



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