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Activities in System Copy Method

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Hello all,

We are planning to do a system copy on to one of our DEV system.

We have planned to go with either of these 2 options i.e.

1.To perform a system copy of any QAS / PRD system on to development with / without data to rebuild a new DEV System.

2.To export a copy of the existing DEV, Rebuild a completely new system based on same parameters and import back the DB.

Can anyone explain what are the steps involved in both these steps?

Your suggestion is very much appreciated.




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System Copy Mechanism :

1. Take a backup from src system as files and generate control file from src system and if system <SID> differs, make modification on the control files as changing into <SID>.

sql> alter database backup control file to trace;

Target system:

1. Install OS.

2. Install JAVA and ORACLE.

3. Install SAP with Distributed as 3 phases like 1) Global Host ,2) Database, 3) STop at Import Phase 18, and Do Restore 3)Central System

4. Now go to d>oracle> and change tape to disk and compress yes.

5. Stop Oracle Services.

6. Delete all datafiles sapdata1,sapdata2,sapdata3,sapdata4,mirrlog A,mirrlog B,Origlog A,origlo B;

7. Go to cmd ,go to the path of sapbackup folder

<Dir>:\oracle\<SID>\102\sapbackup>brrestore -m full -b <filename>.afd

Here -m = mode

-b backup type

-c confirmation.(sql> brrestore -m full -b filemname.afd -c)

8. Now sap data files will be generated.

9. Now copy (ORADBUSR>SQL) from <Dir>:\Program Files\sapinst_instdir\ERP\SYSTEM\ORA\DISTRIBUTED\AS-ABAP\DB

and paste in 😧 Drive AS same and if SID Is diffrent change to the target SID.

SQL> alter database open resetlogs:

database open


10. Now go to SAPINST.exe start sap

Phases will run and it ask ddic password (error comes)

Install GUI --> Login with 000 client sap* password: admin pass admin123

11. nOW login to SAP and SLICENSE and get license key through hardware key and INstall

(Now you can create new users).



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Hello Bhaskar,

Thanks a lot for your detailed information:)

The Database is DB2. So is there any specific steps for it?

Kindly clarify,



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Hi Hasan

Have a look on below link to get more detail about System Copy (DB2)

Check the notes

*SAP Note 326691,

SAP Note 1062464*.