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Activities in projects

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Dear experts,

I would like to list projects with the the criteria as follows:

1. projects created for plant xxxx

If I understand it correctly, I can get them in the report CJ43N

2. projects that have activities

I have no idea how to get the info in any report nor SAP table

If there is a report where I can specify the criteria above, would you please give me the t-code.

If there is no such a report, I probably need to extract data from tables, and do vlookup in excel, so would you please tell me the table names and their relation.

Any idea would be appreciated.


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Hi Tony,

For 1) check report CN42N or table PROJ

2) Check report CN47N. You can put all projects in selection, from output you can filter out projects having activities. If number of projects is large, you can break it into small batches and perform steps.

Hope this helps