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Activation split valuation: How to delete sales orders and create them again

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Hello experts,

We want to activate for a all materials the split valuation. On condition is, that we have no sd-documents for ther material.

So we have any once experinence about such a secario? How should we delte all sales orders and create them again?

I think the critical poin ist, how we should restore the sd-documents, after we activate the split valuation.

how would you create the sales order again, what should we do with reservations? waht should we do with batches in the sales order?

Thanks for help.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can test with an order, by applying reason for rejection at line item before the split valuation is activated. Then activate the split valuation and then remove the reason for rejection in the sales order. If this works in test system, then find all the open orders, use t.code MASS -object BUS2032, then apply reason for rejection on the open sales orders. Then after activating split valuation, using same MASS, remove the reason for rejection.


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