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Activation of a customer exit

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Dear friends,

I have a big issue regarding the customer exits. Please, help me and describe me how one user exit can be activated. I am in total fog. I will be very grateful.

Thank you very much,

Kind regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Maheswaran,

Thank you but I am talking from a functional point of view. I am not ABAP and, in general, I want to have a representation of this from a functional point of view strictly.

Thank you again,

Best regards,


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Customer exit will not come under Functional configuration or other stuffs which are related to Functional.

Whenever, any new functionality to be added in standard transaction, customer exit will be used by ABAP consultants to accommodate their coding.

As a functional side, consultants will give the logic for development with the appropriate customer exit.

PM-CS User Exits - ERP Operations - SCN Wiki

Above link will give the list of exits that can be used in each document in appropriate business transaction.

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Hi Sorin,

According to me Functional people also should know about the architecture of User-Exit/Customer Exits and  even the methods of searching for one.

See whether the following helps you.

1. Search for required UE:

Google search strings like

' User-Exits for Notifications' 

'User-Exits for Maintenance Orders'

'User-Exits for Measuring points' etc will bring you right lists with descriptions.

In case you are searching for one relating to a particular Tcode, then

-Run SE93, put this Tcode, and Display. Here take the 4character Function Group

-Run SMOD and in the Enhancement field put this 4char Function Group suffixed by a * and press F4.

The list of User-Exits is in front of you.

2. When you have a User-Exit in your hand (say QQMA0014)

Run SMOD, put this value (QQMA0014) in Enhancement field and click on Display.

Then Click on Components

Here Double click on Function Module Field ( here it is EXIT_SAPMIWO0_020)

In the resulting screen, at the bottom you would find an Include with a name starting with ZX (Here it is ZXQQMU20)

Double click on this. You will be taken to the ABAP Editor screen, if this include is already activated/created.

If this User-Exit has not been used do far, then you will see a warning in the task bar,

Press Enter you will be asked whether to create this include. Say ‘Yes’ and proceed. Now you are in ABAP Editor.

Here put your ABAP code. And Activate it.

You will get the desired effects in your PM objects.

After working on different User-Exits like this, gradually you’ll come to knw what the code means. Try to relate the code with the Import and Export Tab contents in the previous page, to understand the user exit architecture.

Note: If the User-Exit has been used before and the Include is having a code already, you can add your code below that (Go through the previous code also and understand what that was meant for)

All ABAP related jobs including this are done in Dev 210 client and this is cross-client. i.e.upon activation simultaneously available in Sandbox (Dev100) and Dev220 clients. (No need of transportation). Here you can test your work.

Though it is not difficult, I suggest you to take help of an ABAPer when you attempt it for the first time to learn other fundamental about ABAP architecture

Good Luck

Jogeswara Rao K

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Dear Jogeswara,

Thank you very much. Great help. Thank you very much.

Kind regards,


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