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Activate open item management

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Hello Experts:

I know this topic has been discussed several times. However, I am posting again since I want to check with my specific scenario and system profile and settings. Please provide your expert opinion on this topic.

We are on 4.6C

We have a problem where a Balance Sheet GL account was created initially with Open Item Management inactivated, Line Item Display activated and items posted to the account. The account has a zero balance. The requirement is to activate the Open Item Management which would enable clearing of the items. So, even though the account is showing a zero balance, system is not letting activating of Open Item Management since it has items posted to the account. Client does not want to open a new GL account in order to transfer the balance.

My questions are:

1. How can this be done since transferring balance is not an option (since it shows a zero balance)?

2. Can the items posted, be transferred to a different account and get this done? (is it possible to transfer the line items to a different GL account?

3. Does the RFSEPA programs need to be run to accomplish this and if so what is the right way to do it?

Please reply with specifics taking consideration of our specific situation. I appreciate your expert assistance on this.

Thank you,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please ask your ABAPer to copy the below programs and create Z programs. As standard SAP doesn't support this programs.




Murali. N

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can you check this threat, we did like you mentioned but we face a problem

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Munair

When I run the program RFSEPA02, u201Cmyu201D system says:

u201CDo not use the report program to set up open item management for the account.

Create a new account with the correct account assignment. Post your items to the new account. If you want to use the original account number, you must bring the account balance to zero, change the account assignment, and repost the items. You can remove the old items by archiving the documents.u201D

Therefore I donu2019t use it.

From my humble experience:

When I have had to do this change in a GL account, after making it zero and activating the flag, I havenu2019t reposted the line items posted before. For this reason I have added a validation to avoid that a line item with this GL account is posted as if it were without u201COpen Item Managementu201D. When can this situation happen? When a user reverses a document, posted before the change of the u201COpen Item Managementu201D flag, with a line item with this GL account.


IF bseg-koart = 'S'

AND bseg-xopvw <> 'X'.

  • if the account has the u201COpen Item Mangementu201D activated in SKB1, then ERROR

CLEAR l_pa.


WHERE bukrs = bseg-bukrs AND saknr = bseg-hkont.

IF l_pa = 'X'.

b_result = 'F'.


b_result = 'T'.




Best Regards.


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Hello Muniar,

I looked into your issue with different thread which was already present in sap forum, once solution can help you.

1- Make it Zero this GL Balance

2- Block for posting GL A/C

3- Select Open Item Mngt Check Box

4- Run Program in, T.Code SE38, Program :RFSEPA02

5- Remove Block Indicator for this GL.


also refer to thread :

may help you.



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One more quick note:

- programs RFSEPA01 / 02 ran under earlier versions of SAP. To run them under a current version there are a number of OSS notes that have to be applied in advance. You can either search the OSS or search the forum archive or both.



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First thing is if it has zero balance then you there is no reason that you cant activate OIM for this GL, please check out in FBL3N for any pending open items against this GL. Maintain a cut off that for the change made to it and activate OIM tick in FS00.