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Activate different acquisition values in two depreciaiton areas.

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I have two depreciation areas:

01 Booking depreciaiton


Both depreciation areas are booking, the 01 dirct and the 30 periodicaly.

I have to activate software for example in 01 with 100000,- and in 30 with 150000,-.

How can I realise this?

I know I can do it with the componente Invertitonsmanagement. I have doen it in the past.

Is there a easer way to activate assets with different acquistion value in two depreciation areas?

Thank you!

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The asset TType, which you have used for posting your acquistion should have defined to allow manual change of acq value during transaction posting.

AO73 - Asset Acq TType Definition

OAYA -Limit Transaction Types to Depreciation Areas---Here you need to select your TType and choose Dep Area specification

Create 1 new entry for your dep area 30. select check boxes for Display for Selection & Always post

so during acq posting, system will propose the values for each area, there you should be able to edit the acq value for the 30 area as desired.

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