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Acquisition value negative in area 01

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Dear Friends:

when posting a credit memo to asset using FB01,the user is getting the error "Acquisition value negative in area 01". I have read in the forum that this error occurs if balance carry forward is less or a balance which is lesser than the current credit value .

I there any other reason when the credit memo is not getting posted? If the above solution is correct, what are the used to analyse the issue?

Please advise?



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Answers (2)

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thanks for the answer

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Dear Sridhar,

The error is coming due to the definition of the depreciation area '01' for the relevant Chart of depreciation. You have a choice of configuration for all types of values viz. Acquisition value, Net book value, Ord.depreciation,etc. The choices are:

1) * All values allowed

2) + Only positive or zero allowed

3) - Only negative or zero allowed

4) 0 No values allowed.

In your case, the configuration for area '01' for Acquisition values is set to option 2) above. Thus it is not allowing you to post a credit memo i.e. a negative value.

You can do two things: 1) Change the configuration to say * All values allowed


2) In the asset master depreciation areas screen, for area 01 check the "negative values allowed' indicator.