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ACH file for Garnishment vendor (Child Support)

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Hello Everybody,

I am facing the challenge for Texas Child Support, setting up the payment via ACH instead of a check.

We are generating ACH file via T-code F110. You can download the file via t-code FDTA .

I am able to figure out the following things. I tested the USER_EXITS in Bold.

User Exit for F110 and RFFOUS_T

FDTAX001 Enhancement to Transaction FDTA (event after the download)

FEDI0002 Function exits for EDI DOCS in FI - Incoming pyt adv.notes

FEDI0003 Function exits for EDI docs in FI - Save PEXR segments

FEDI0004 Function exits for EDI docs in FI - particular events

FEDI0006 Function Exits for EDI-docs in FI: Save IDCR Segments

RFFOX003 Frame for user exit RFFOX003 (in program RFFOM100)

RFFOX041 Framework for user exit RFFOX041 (in program RFFOBE_I)

RFFOX042 Framework for user exit RFFOX042 (in program RFFOBE_E)

RFFOX043 Framework for user exit RFFOX043 (in program RFFOBE_D)

RFFOX061 Frame for user exit RFFOX061 (in program RFFOCH_P)

RFFOX062 Frame for user exit RFFOX062 (in program RFFOCH_P)

RFFOX063 Frame for user exit RFFOX063 (in program RFFOCH_P)

RFFOX064 Frame for user exit RFFOX064 (in program RFFOCH_P)

RFFOX065 Frame for user exit RFFOX065 (in program RFFOCH_P)

RFFOX066 Frame for user exit RFFOX066 (in program RFFOCH_P)

RFFOX071 Frame for user exit RFFOX071 (in program RFFOCH_U)

RFFOX072 Frame for user exit RFFOX072 (in program RFFOCH_U)

RFFOX073 Frame for user exit RFFOX073 (in program RFFOCH_U)

RFFOX074 Frame for user exit RFFOX074 (in program RFFOCH_U)

RFFOX075 Frame for user exit RFFOX075 (in program RFFOCH_U)

RFFOX081 Frame for user exit RFFOX081 (in program RFFOF__T)

RFFOX082 Frame for user exit RFFOX082 (in program RFFOF__T)

RFFOX100 Frame for user exit RFFOX100 (in program RFFOUS_T)

RFFOX101 Frame for user exit RFFOX101 (in program RFFOUS_T)

RFFOX102 Frame for user exit RFFOX102 (in program RFFOUS_T)

RFFOX103 Frame for user exit RFFOX103 (in program RFFOUS_T)

RFFOX104 user exit

RFFOX105 Frame for user exit RFFOX105 (in program RFFOUS_T)

RFFOX200 Frame for user exit RFFOX200 (in program RFFONZ_T)

RFFOX210 Frame for user exit RFFOX210 (in program RFFOAU_T)

RFFOX211 Frame for user exit RFFOX211 (in program RFFONZ_T)

RFFOX230 General program for user exit RFFOX230 (in program RFFOJP_L)

RFFOX240 Enhancement for User Exit 240 (RFFOAT_P)

RFFOX250 Enhancement for User Exit 250 (RFFODK_E)

RFFOX901 Framework for user exit RFFOX901 (in program RFFOM100)

RFFOX902 Framework for user exit RFFOX902 (in program RFFOM100)

FBZP Setting

Execute T-CODE FBZP ->Pmnt Method in country -> Select US in list on the right side .

Select Payment Medium = ‘D’ ( double click it )

At the bottom of the screen you will find Payment medium /Format ( We are using CCD format )

Click on format settings

Click on “ Standard setting “ on right top

Select “Text fields for reference information “ on your left

Select “CCD” and click “Note to payee “on right top .

It will open up different sample for CCD, you can select any one of these and can see different format.

We have created the file and send over to Texas attorney general office. They said ,it`s not right one. They happy with only one line out of ten lines. We asked them to send us some sample file which their system is accepting AND/OR standard. I am still waiting on sample file from attorney general office.

Will appreciate your help!!

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Hi Experts

I am implementing the userexit EXIT_RFFOEXIT_104 - Modification of addenda records (DTAUMSADD)

for modifying the addenda 7th record as per ACH NACHA SDU format for Texas state , Need to know how you have retrieved the employee details like SSN and NAME in the above userexit while F110 is executed with RFFOUS_T program .

Thanks in advance


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Hi Aman,

Were you able to get the Employee Name or SSN # and the Garnishment Case Number on the ACH file, we are not getting this information on our addenda record 7, just an SAP system generated HR doc # that flows through to the FI side and the amount twice?

Let us know please, thanks

Lena and Mihkel

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Payroll: USA -> Garnishments -> Letters.

Assign forms to letter types (T5UGI) Type 08.

FI side:-

Copy of the FI advice form F110_US_AVIS to print the garnishment information. And Change section 625-HR of the form to add the text lines REGUD-TEXT1 through REGUD-TEXT9

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Were you able to get a resolution to your question?

My company is now facing the same situation with the state of Florida.

Please advise what were the required user exits in order to create the correct ACH format.

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Sorry for late reply . I can say , we are close . I implemented the following user exits . We are creating file via RFFOUS_T . Remember for addenda record you have to use the check box "Additional record for ACH " on create DME selection screen ( RFFOUS_T) . Also I am sure you got some format for addenda record from Florida . You have to copy the exact record format in addenda record user exit.

RFFOX104 user exit ( T-CODE :SMOD )

Here is the example

EXIT_RFFOEXIT_104 - Modification of addenda records (DTAUMSADD)*

DATA: TX1(80),


CHECK i_reguh-rzawe = 'D'. “ if format is CCD



e,g it should be like DEDCS20 charYYMMDDAMOUNTSSNLAST NAME(7)+3(FIRST NAME ) LETTERY STATE CODE 54000 OR SOMTHINGN\' ( maintain Infotype194)




For bank info and other stuff you have to customize t-code FBZP ( see steps above )

Other User-Exits you need for Header data .

You can modify the program output during data medium exchange by using the designated user exit interfaces. The following user exits are available for this purpose:

EXIT_RFFOEXIT_100 - Modification of file header records (DTAMUSFH)

EXIT_RFFOEXIT_101 - Modification of batch header records (DTAMUSBH)

EXIT_RFFOEXIT_102 - Modification of CCD detail records (DTAMUSCCD)

EXIT_RFFOEXIT_104 - Modification of addenda records (DTAUMSADD)

EXIT_RFFOEXIT_104 has a special function: Unlike the other 5 user exits, an internal table (T_DTAMUSADD) is transferre here and can be changed. In each of the other user exits, no more than one record can be changed. You can find further information on the individual user exits in the documentation of the relevant function module.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the info!!! We actually have been successful in creating the addenda record without having to implement the user exit you mentioned.

Per SAPs documentation, we maintained the following items below. We also found that the user id running the payment through F110 needs access to read the payroll cluster in order to create the required addenda record format.

Security Object: P_PCLX

Cluster in Table F2, Authorization Level R.

The FI payment program RFFOUS_T and the PaymentMediaWorkbench will create an addenda record type 7 formatted according to the specifications of the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE), provided that all of the following conditions are met:

1. The garnishment is asigned to the category Support.

2. This field has been maintained, Additional Code in IT 194.

3. The separate check indicator checkbox has been selected in IT 194.

4. View V_T5UGI assigns a form to the letter of kind 8 Information on vendor check for the state of the garnishment.

If the requirement of an SDU is known to deviate from OCSE specifications, the addenda record will be formatted accordingly.

Please take precautions to enter the garnishment document number and the FIPS code in the format specified by the corresponding SDU. In particular, it might also be required to maintain the field Medical support for dependent.

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I am having all sorts of problems on this one. My program, RFFOUS_T won't pick up the says no records selected...any ideas? Do you have a functional specs that you can share? Thanks

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We have setup third party remittance for Garnishments and on Vendor check/Advice(F110) we are missing the employee information.

what we can see now is only "0003100070001510692340000689399900403" and "HRGRNX00031069".

Now in this "99900403" is employee code.

Instead of all this big information we need Employee Name / Garnishment Case Number on the Advice.

Configuration done :

a) T5UGI - Garnishment assigned to Letter Type 08/09 with UFG1.

b) Employee in P0194 has "Information on advice of vendor check" as Answer Letter Indicator.

Would appreciate the Help, let me know what i am missing.