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ACCT Determination question- Very urgent please help

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When I was using transaction MB1C (Enter Good Receipts):

I wanted to post goods receipt for material-A for 100 pieces.

I am getting the following error

Account determination for entry RRKA TAW QJ01 ___ 9910 not possible

I went on to look for help I got the following diagnosis:

The system did not find an account for this transaction. This means that the account determination for key TAW QJ01 ___ 9910 is not maintained in MM Customizing (Valuation). The key is made up of:

• Chart of account

• Transaction key (= Posting transaction)

• Valuation grouping code

• Account grouping code

• Valuation class

Please help me what I should do!!!!

This very urgent

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You need to maintain account determination for the same in transaction in OBYC

go to OBYC and select transaction and enter relevant G/L account.



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Thank you so much Srini & Raj.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Enter T_Code OBYC

Slect account assignment and proceed with below steps

.Chart of account-RRKA

• Transaction key (= Posting transaction)-TAW

• Valuation grouping code-QJO1

• Account grouping code-BLANK

• Valuation class-9910

AND enter GL a/c No. with the help of FI/CO Buddy's


Otehrwise in diagonisis click proceed it will shows the path and what u can take the inputs on this issue.U will know automaatically.