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Accounts for different depreciation areas

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Hello all!

I have the following question:

In our company there are 3 depreciation areas for assets. And my problem is that when I try to look through the accounts in depr.areas, I see the same accounts in all areas as in main one. But the account should be different in accordance to AO90 and dep. areas. When I run ASKBN to provide postings in GL, my accounts in AW01N for areas are not changed - Debit and Credit are the same for all.

I expected t see different account for different areas, Could I get it and how???

Thanks in advance!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Is your all 3 dep areas will post to GL?



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Yes, all of them are posted to GL:

First - area posts in realtime

Second - area posts APC and Depreciation on Periodic basis

Third- area posts APC and Depreciation on Periodic basis

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