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Accounts for difference (ZDI) used in clearing instead of credit memo

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Dear gurus,

I am facing a hard issue regarding Lockbox and boletos (Brazil) clearing. In OBXL transaction, if I customize a line without any reason code with debit and credit accounts, Lockbox documents are created succesfully (also respecting tolerance limits) but when I run FF.5 to clear an invoice paid via Boleto with lower amount, this transaction is not capturing Credt Memo in the process and posting the difference in the accounts which were customized before. If I just remove that line from OBXL and let only the accounts with reason codes, FF.5 clearing works (matching Credit Memo to the original invoice) but Lockbox postings are not finding difference accounts from ZDI operation (it seems that SAP is only looking for accounts without reason code in OBXL). I have also added a blank reason code in OBBE transaction but nothing is working.

What I am looking is to post documents in Lockbox with difference accounts and also post boletos clearing with credit memos (without post differences in OBXL accounts).

Has anyone faced something like that and could help me on this issue?

Many thanks in advance to you all!

Diogo Patriota.

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