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Accounting entries in STO ??

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I want to know the exactly STO process with CIN accounting entries in manufacturing plant and in DEPOT plant .

In manufacturing plant RG1 register will get updated ??

ANd In DEPOT plant , RG23D register will get updated ??

Explain me with accounting entries in Manufacturing plant and DEPOT plant for STO process.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Stock Transfer from manufacturing plant to Depot.

The process will be

1. ME21n - Create Stock Transport Order (STO)

2. VL10B - Create Outbound Delivery

3. VL02n - pick, packing, PGI

4. VF01 - Create Stock transfer Invoice (STI)

5. J1IIN - Create Excise Invoice

Accounting entry at this stage should be different from factory sale as there is no revenue from internal customer(distribution plant/depots). It should hit the following account

Excise (ST) set-off a/c Dr

Excise Payable a/c Cr

Once the material is received at the distribution plant (non-excisable / Depot(excisable).

6. MIGO - Post Goods receipt at Distribution plant/Depots

Excise Accounting Entries must be:

Excise Receivable a/c Dr.

Excise (ST) offset a/c Cr.

Check the link for accounting entries,



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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You are repeating this question.

Sorry to say this .This Forum is not the place to teach anybody basic SAP Knowledge . This is to help/guide the practical issues/problems faced by the SAP customers.

If you want to learn SAP ,there are so may websites has material .In SDN also ,you could find the such kind of materials from Articles,Wiki,blog and eLearning sections of this website. Moreover SAP library gives all the information you needed and you can search this forum to find the relevent information which already posted. Finally you have to do some hands on to learn anything in SAP.

Forum contributors spending valuable time to help others to resolve thier issues.So the question should be more of practical scenario than asking step by step configuration .

I hope you understand the importance of this forum .

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Thanks for ur advise.

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A similar answer I had already given

RG1 is updated ony in manufacturing plant not in Depo. In depo we update only RG23D

Process Flow

Step 1 - Creation of Stock Transport Order.

In ME21N, mention the Issuing Plant. Please check the item tab Invoice and see the Tax juridiction code as IN00. Check and Save the PO. (No excise accounting entries)

Step 2 u2013 Transfer Posting

Do the transfer posting in MB1B with proper Plant selection and movement type 351. Refer the PO and adopt the details. Note the Material document number. (No excise entry)

Step 3 u2013 Creation of Excise Invoice

Create Excise Invoice for other movements in J1IS. Select the document type as MATD. See that the system is automatically creating the Invoice. Note the Excise Invoice Number and FI document number created by the system.

(Excise duty payable credit and cenvat suspense account debit)

Step 4 u2013 Print of Excise Invoice

The Transaction code is J1IV. Save the document and take the print.

Now the Material is reached at 2nd Plant. The activities at that Plants are :

Step 5 u2013 Capturing of Excise Invoice

Its an ordinary J1IEX transaction. Capture the Invoice against the stock Transport Order. See that Plant 2 is automatically appeared. Enter the required detail and save the document and note the internal number.

Step 6 u2013 Goods Receipt

It is also an ordinary MIGO transaction. Enter the excise invoice details, save the document and note the material document number.

Step 7 u2013 Posting the Excise Invoice

J1IED - (Here no cenvat accounting since it is a trading plant. Only there will be entry in RG23D register.) Your excise invoice is stored in register only)

In step-3 the cenvat suspense account which was triggered need to be cleared manually.

Legally Depo plants should not create excise invoice. It can pass on the excise invoice and value which they have recieved from manufacturing plant. it means in case if the material goes out from that place to another place or customer it will carry the invoice which was generated in Step-3

Hope you are clear