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Account requires CO account assignment object

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Hi Experts,

While we doing PGI the system is giving the above error in PRD system and we activated the CO PA module and we defined the same as a cost element and assgined in OBYC/GBB/VAX,VAY also.

And the account 321000 is an COGS account and infact till yesterday there is no problem with this but from today morning if we do any GI we are getting the above error and also we didnt assign anyhting in OKBY but still working fine till yesterday for all materials in all plants.

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What you will probably find is that somebody created a Cost element for the COGS account. COGS accounts should not have Cost elements if you are using COPA.

Delete the Cost element.

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Hi Strydom,

My question is If the problem is due to the cost element definition of COGS how the process is worked upto now without any problem and why suddenly is happening from today otherwise.

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Please check the cost element category of the COGS (Cost element).

Somebody might have changed the category

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Go to OKB9, for COGS cost element , tick the Profitability segment check box. I hope this will solve your problem.