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Account documents during STO with SD -Billing?

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Please tell me the account documents that will be created during STO with SD- Billing?

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Accounting documents get created in the following transactions

At the time of Posting goods issue to STO using Outbound delivery using transaction VL10B

No Accounting document is generated at the time og GR in the receiving Plant.

Accounting document gets generated at the Time of Invoicing using PO reference in MIRO

Accounting document is generated at the time of Billing using VF01 with delivery reference.

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At the time of Delivery, Suppose 100 INR is the Stock value in supplying plant for the supplying qty. then;

Stock A/c - 100 Dr In Receiving Plant

Stock A/c - 100 Cr In Supplying Plant

At the time of Billing; if billing amount is 110 INR

Customer A/c - 110 Cr i.e. (Receiving Plant)

Sales Revenue - 110 Dr

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Following are the accounting documents created when the outbound delivery (VL10B) is done.

Finished stock account (Supplying Plant): Cr

Finished stock account (Receiving Plant): Dr

Freight : Cr (If freight value is given in PO)

When you do goods receipt in the receivng plant no accounting document is created.

Hope this clarifies you the process