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Account determination not defined for trans.ZDI in chart of account XXXX

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Hi, Experts,

I searched in SCN for the above issue but still I am not able to resolving as disscussed earlier threads.

I have the following error message when trying to make clearing by using transaction f-28.

After selecting the reason I got the message: "Acct determination not defined for trans. ZDI in chart of accts XXX", but I already define the GL accounts in OBXL for each difference.

What is still missing?

Please find the screen shots where I have settings.




Awaiting for your valuable advises?



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i know this is old, but remember that if you don't put in a reason code in f-28, you have to have a blank reason code with a account number in OBL1. This will allow blank reason codes if that is your need.