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account determination - exchange rate and valuation

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Hello All,

we have a problem concerning our account determination for differences in exchange rate and valuation. When clearing open vendor items in foreign currency, a percentage of the difference goes to our exchange rate difference account (correct), but the other part of our difference goes to the account we have configured for valuation (incorrect).

Before, we had, in "Account Determination for OI Exch.rate differences" (transaction FBKP) , the following configuration for all our accounts in foreign currency:

Exchange rate difference realized:

Loss: 66800000

Gain: 76800000


Val Loss: 66800100

Val Gain: 13600000

Bal sheet adj: 40099999

Now, we have the same accounts,except for "Bal sheet adj", for which we have 5 different accounts depending on the account to be valued. This change shouldn't have any effect, but since then, every time we clear an open item (KR and KZ), one part of the difference goes to an exchange rate difference account, while another part goes to valuation, when this last account should only be used when running F.05.

Any help?



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Hi Daniel

Could you find out the reason for the same?

I am also facing a similar situation and i don't think this is becaue of any changes done to account determination set up or due to non - reversal

Is this a correction posted for adjusting revaluation account for Creditors/Debtors



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Hi Everyone out there...

Could anyone please explain the scenario where a 'revaluation adj account' defined for forex revaluation would get posted along with realised gain/loss on forex while doing an open item clearing



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Revaluation is a 2 step process - In the first step, the documents entered in FC are converted into LC and then in the second step all the LC is converted into GC using the GAAP/Quarterly Rate.

During the first step, the difference is posted to a P/L Account and during the second step, the difference is posted to a B/S Account.

Coming to the open item clearing getting posted to the same accont defined in the step 1 - I would ask how are you doing the open item clearing ?

If it's manual through F-44, then i would say the accounts you are mentioning during clearing are wrong.

If it's through Payment Run, You would have to go FBZP -> Bank Selection and then check the g/l accounts mentioned over there.

Hope it helps..



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Clearing is done through F-04 and it is the receivables and payables for interco which are getting cleared.

The bal adj account defined in OBA1-KDF for open item forex revaluation are again getting posted while clearing revaluated open items along with realised gain/loss


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Hi Daniel

This is probably because while doing F.05, you would not have reversed the postings one day later after the valuation (as is the normal case). Since there is a balance in Valuation exchange gain/loss account, you need to close that account when you realized the Open items.

S Jayaram