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Account Balances in Document Currency

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We have a requirement for a report where the customer wants to see total account balances seperated by document currency. We have tried F.08 or F.23 but this is not the case.

i/e; a G/L account was posted by 100 EUR(nov. 12) 50 EUR(nov. 15) and 10 USD(nov. 18)

Customer wants to see the total of these balances seperated by document currency like; "G/L acc. number / 150 EUR / 10 USD"

Please kinly advise that this can be done by query or a logical database or should I consult to an Abaper?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Try to use sorting and subtotal functionality in FBL3N, enable all the required fields and then do the sorting and subtotal

Hope this helps!!


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Hello Vivek

Thank you for your answer, but I'm looking for an ALV Grid report where the customer can see the accounts line by line.

Other issue is that when I change FBL3N to ALV and display subtotals only, the account names disappear, forgot to mention but I also need acc. names.

Please kindly advise any other solutions. Thanks in advance.

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