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Account Balance not showing correctly

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Suppose , i have posted an invoice of Rs.200 against a customer and after some times i recieved payment from this customer of Rs.200 So, accout balance of this customer should be zero.. But when i see the account balance from business partner master data , it should me Rs.-400 in accout balance field but when i navigate through orange arrow in to accoutn balance details , there i get zero in balance due field?? ie. it is showing coorectly in details of account ballance but in the business partner master data it is not showing correctly??

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It sounds like you need to restore this BP balance. There is a function under Admin - utilities - Restore. However, you have to get SAP support permission first. Then under their guidance to use it.



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Can i update the correct customer balance from backend in OCRD table as for now only 4-5 customer's BP balance is wrong??

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Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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No. You are not allowed to update DB directly. SAP support scope clearly prohibit such action.

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hi divya,

Check SAP Note 904002 - Customer account balance is displayed with negative sign



Customer Balance is displayed with minus.

Other terms

Customer balance, Supplier Balance, Credit Balance, Debit Balance, Display Credit Balance with Negative Sign, Company Details, System Initialisation, business partner, accounts, SAP Business One

Reason and Prerequisites

Customer balance is displayed in negative though you expect it to be positive.


Under Administration->System Initialisation->Company Details and the 'Basic Initialisation' tab you will find the setting 'Display Credit Balance with Negative Sign'. This setting decides how Customer and Supplier balances will be displayed.

When creating a company it is important to know that this setting is irreversible once transactions have been made in the company.

When this box IS checked the following applies:
Customer balances will be displayed as Positive.
Supplier balances will be displayed as Negative.

When this box IS NOT checked the following applies:
Customer balances will be displayed as Negative.
Supplier balances will be displayed as Positive.

This setting also influences the entry of opening balances for the G/L accounts. Depending on this setting, the opening balances must be entered as positive or negative numbers.

By default this box is checked when a new company is created.

Header Data

Release Status: Released for Customer 
Released on: 02.12.2005  10:42:10 
Master Language: English 
Priority: Recommendations/additional info 
Category: Consulting 
Primary Component: SBO-ADM-INI-DET Company Details 
Secondary Components: SBO-BP Business Partners 

Affected Releases


Hope it solves problem.


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Hi Divya,

Check the link it solves your problem.

*Close the thread if issue solved.