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Account assignment with business Place

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Hello Gurus,

Can any body say me the Process of account assignment with bsiness place

Please the path and the tcode.

I have checked the FTXP OB40, OBYC

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Dear Joydip

When posting a taxable document in the financial accounting application, the document must be assigned to the business place which eventually reports the VAT to the tax authorities. Therefore the R/3 System contains the field business place in every tax relevant transactions.

The business place is a obligatory entry field in the posting screen whenever a document is posted and has a tax code (only for Korean Company Codes). Only one business place per document is allowed, even if a company has to issue Tax Invoices between business places (Stock transfer between plants which are different business places). How to handle the VAT between business places will read VAT on Stock Transfers between Business Places.

The business place can be customized in the IMG.

You enter only a part of the financial documents directly through FI. Most of the documents are transferred to financial modules from other integrated SAP modules. When passing taxable transactions to the FI module, the field business place must be correctly filled with the key of the responsible business place. To achieve this, the other modules have to be configured.

Materials Management

The plant is the central organization unit in Material Management. Material movements always occur either within one plant or from one plant to another. By allocating the business place to the plant, we can determine the business place that purchased the material. If plant 0001 is allocated to business place ‘BP01’ and plant 0002 is allocated to business place ‘BP02’, then the movement of material between plant 0001 and plant 0002 is also a movement between business place ‘BP01’ and business place ‘BP02’.

The section code cannot determined by the plant automatically. The section code as a reporting unit for withholding tax has to be entered manually for each invoice by using the Logistic Invoice Verification. The section code can be found in the Document header of the invoice (Logistic Invoice Verification).

The 'normal' Invoice Verification does not support the allocation of the business place and section code!

Sales and Distribution

Similar to the MM module, goods are managed on plant level. When goods are sold, the system can determine the delivery plant. This plant is stored in the SD document. When a billing document is passed to the financial accounting application, the system reads the business place assigned to the plant and writes it into the document. The allocation between plant and business place can be done in the IMG.

Asset Accounting

Asset transactions are posted automatically from the Fixed Asset module to the FI module. To indicate which asset belongs to which business place in the FI-AA module, the 4-character evaluation group fields are used. One of the available evaluation groups (4-character) must be determined for the use as the business place. In this chosen evaluation group in the asset master data you have to enter the business place. In the screen layout rule for the asset master records, the 4-character evaluation group should be configured as a mandatory field. But before entering the business place in the asset master data you should customize all business places in the chosen evaluation group. You find this transaction in the IMG. Financial Accounting --> Asset Accounting --> Master Data --> User fields --> Define 4-character evaluation groups.


G. Lakshmipathi

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Check the path:

SPRO > IMG > Enterprise Structure > Assignment > Sales and Distribution > Business Area Account Assignment

- Define Rules By Sales Area

For business area account determination, you have to define for each sales area the rules according to which the SAP System should find a business area.

- Assign Business Area To Plant And Division

In this IMG activity, you assign one business area to each of the combinations of plant and division for automatic business area account assignment.

- Assign Business Area by Sales Area

In this IMG step, you assign business areas to sales areas for automatic business area account determination.

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hello to all

I have asked abt business place not Business area

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As far as i know Business Area it self is a Business Place.

Update me if there is any difference.


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Define a Business Area:

This is fundamentally an FI area of customization.

The SPRO path is as below:

SPRO->Enterprise structure->Definition->Financial Accounting-> Define Business Area.

After defining you can assign the business area to consolidation business area by following the path:SPRO->Enterprise structure->Assignment->Financial Accounting-> Assign Business Area to consolidation Business Area.