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Account assignment Mandatory for material (Enter

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Hi all,

Currently i would like to configure to have material with quantity update and no value update. so i create a new material type with reference to the material type -UNBW and i assign the material to this material type.

During the time i creating the PR with the material above, it not allow and forcing me to enter the account assignment category.

Kindly advise me what i have missing on this.

Thank you.

Kah Fei

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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When u r creating material without value update same is posted to consumption account directly so every time while creating PR/ PO it will ask account assignment to book expense

Its std. SAP functionality.U have to give account assignment for that material type


Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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when UNBW material type is already there, y u created a new material type.

check the below setting for UNBW in omjj

1. account referance key for the same should be 0007

2. quantity update by valuation area

3. value apdate in no valuation area.

as value updation is not there, system wont check for account assignment as it checks for NLAG- non stock material (it is valuated material but no qty update)

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Dear Yeong,

You have to do setting in two places in SPRO under material Master - Basic setting -Define attributes for material type

1) When you select material type detail screen do not click any radio button under value updating .

2) Then go to subfolder -Qty & value updating & choose your "valuation area" ( plant or company code) & ensure that value update radio button is NOT clicked.

with this your problem should be solved.

Please Reward points or revert back.

Vivek Maitra

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Dear yeong,

you have to some some acc. asignment cat. as the value of that material is to be entered somewhere.

and if u wish to procure the material for free, then tick the free indicator in the item tab of the P.O.



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Yes, it will ask, because it is the character of UNBW material type and as you copy from UNBW material type and created New one.

Consumable materials with a material master record must also have an account assignment.Non-valuated material [Material type UNBW, This type of { low in value }material is managed on a quantity basis, but not on a value basis] are coming under consumable material.

Consumable materials are materials that are procured directly for an account assignment object.

1. They are not managed on a value basis in Inventory Management.

2. Examples of consumable material:

Office material like pen, paper, text books – assigned to a cost center

Computer systems, Water Purifier, Fire Alarm System – assigned to an asset

3. The system automatically updates consumption for materials that have a material master record.

Pl explore yourself on stock material and consumable material.

Hope helpful and then reward.


Biju K