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Account Assignment Indicator - PS

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Dear Expert ;

               I have Two Type of project Coding Mask :

Project 1 : NT/CT01/0001/0001  

Project 2 : CT/CT01/0001/0001

During WBS Creation Time we Need by Default Tick in Acct Asst elem Indicator in Project Type NT/CT01/0001/0001 .

but In Case CT/CT01/0001/0001 we not Require this Indicator Tick and Both Project Type i also Require Common Project Profile Setting.

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Hi Mayoor,

It's better to have two project profiles and you can use validation to control project definition vs project profile. I mean, if user creates project starting with coding C he should use profile 1, if he creates project starting with coding N he should use profile 2.

Thanks & Regards,


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   I agree with your Reply But Currently business team Not Require two project Profile.thats why i go for other option.