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Account assignment in MM..?

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Hi all

Can anybody explain me , what is the signifucance of account assignment category.

Why we are not using AAC in standard PO.

What is the difference account determination & account assignment category.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Basically there are two types of materials.

1. Direct or stock materials

2. Indirect or non-stock materials.

For direct materials we will be maintaining G/L accounts, so we will be giving G/L account or account assignment category for Goods Movements.

Whenever Goods Movement happened it will update the G/L account of that perticular material but when it comes to Indirect materials, these will be used with cost centre. So we need to maintain the account assignment category for the Indirect items

You can details differences between the use of G/L accounts and account assignment category when you read the Types of materials.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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In Simple Words, Account Assignment Category Determines How the Procured Material is Being Used (For Eg : For a cost Center, Profit Center, Etc). It also Describes What GL accounts are Changed When Goods Movements

Account assignment caregory is used at the time of creation of a purchase order.For normal PO no AAC is required. if the posting is directly to a costcenter(K) or Asset(A) we need this AAC.You can see this at ME21n under item overview

The item category determines the field selection and whether any additional data screens are shown.

In addition, it determines whether a goods receipt or invoice receipt is to follow.

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