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Account assignment group

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Dear all

what is the influence of Acct Assint Group maintained in material master in sales org 2 view

We are importing material and selling it, in this case, what material type should be created and what is the acct assnt group for this mat in sales org 2 view in mat master

In sales, after delivery, billing,when releasing to a/cing , it is giving error like account determination error

Is there any link with this type of error to acct assingnment group (maintained in mat master)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hello, friend.

there are 2 account assignment groups. one is in the customer master, which is the source for the entry in account assignment group at the billing document's header level. the other is in the material master, which is the source for the billing document's item level.

you define account assignment groups according to your needs. the different combinations allow you to make postings to different GL accounts even within one billing transaction. for example:

let's say you have for customer 2 acct grps, 1 for domestic and 2 for internationl. now for material you also have 2 grps, 1 for heavy and 2 for light.

a possible combination in VKOA will be (only acct grps and GL shown):

customer acct asg grp + material acct asg grp = GL account

1 + 1 = 610000

1 + 2 = 610010

2 + 1 = 710000

2 + 2 = 710010

sometimes, when the account grps in customer master and/or material master are not filled, you will encounter account determination error when trying to release billing document to billing. what you do is:

1. menu path GoTo > Header > Header, then enter a value in field for account assignment group (customer)

2. highlight item and GoTo > Item > Item detail, then enter a value in field for account assignment group (material)

*after these you can now release document to accounting. to avoid such errors, ensure the fields in your CMR and MMR are properly maintained prior to creation of billing document.


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Thsnks for your answers,

This is working for me

R/Ashwani Kumar

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Hello Friend,

After the post goods issue and billing,the entries are hitting the accounts in lieu to the account keys such as ERL,ERS,ERU etc etc.

With the help of the account assignment group or the material group in the MMR,you can group certain type of materials with same attributes.

Go to the IMG >>>>Basic fuctions>>>Account assignemnet>>>Revune account determination.

The standard condition type is KOFI,just go to VKOA(Assign G/L accounts).Here you maintain the condition records.This is teh place from where the accounts are being picked up.

Go to account keys table 005 and cpy all the links with sales org 0001 and do the changes according to ur parameters.



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You can use HAWA- Material type for trading goods.



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Accounting determination plays a vital role in revenue account determination.

In VKOA, based on material account assignment group, the G/L account to which the condition value has to be posted can be defined.


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S.D account determination in VKOA settings happens thro

1.Sales org

2.Account assignment group of the material in MMR

3.Account assignment group of the Customer in CMR

4. Acoount KEY

5. Chart of accounts

If any one of these parameters is missing the account determination cant happen in t code VKOA

Account assignment group of the material in MMR is very very important

I think FI people has a role in defining what are the possible entries for the Account assignment group of the material in MMR



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