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Access Serial Numbers

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I'm going to get serial numbers by getting Document and Document Line objects. actualy, Document_Line object having a method to return a Serial Number object.

If i get the serial number object,, it will not give the perticular serial numbers.

ex : Document->Document_Line->Serial_Number

Cord Example:- 'Get the List of Serial Number Object

oGR_Serial = oGRL.SerialNumbers

Pls, Can you help me to get this serial numbers.


Chaminda Ratnayake

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Chaminda,

This is a known bug in SBO 2005 when retrieving a document the serial and/or batchnumber are not retrieved.

SAP has solved this in 2007.

For the time being, you have to make a query to get the serials/batches for your document line



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