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Access sequence

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What is the purpose of defining Access sequence in price determination ??????

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Access sequence play a vital role in Pricing. If you need pricing to be automatic in the PO, you have use of Access Sequences and Schema Group of Vendor, If Pricing in the PO, is be manual, access sequence not required. You can see the difference where access sequence 0002 assigned to standard condition type PB00 and no access sequence is assigned to PBXX which is used as condition type in manual pricining.

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Biju K

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Access Sequence

An access sequence is a search strategy by means of which the system searches for valid records in various condition tables. It consists of one or more accesses. The sequence of accesses controls the priority of the individual condition records among each other. Through the accesses, the system is told where to look first and where to look next for a valid condition record in each case.

Condition type PB00 has the access sequence 0002. The following accesses are defined within this access sequence (among others):

(a) Accessing of condition table 068 (Does a plant-specific agreement item exist?)

(b) Accessing of condition table 016 (Does a contract item exist?)

(c) Accessing of condition table 017 (Does a purchasing info record exist?)

With this access, the condition record created in the example for the condition type is found and the search ended.

There are some condition types for which no condition tables are created (for example, header discounts, which are only entered manually, or supplementary conditions). No access sequence need be specified for these condition types.


ravikant dewangan

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The access sequence defines the order in which the system searches for condition records

The access sequence is a search strategy which the SAP System uses to search for condition records valid for a condition type.

For example, you can define for a price that the SAP System first searches for a customer-specific price and then for a price list price.

Maintain the accesses for the access sequence by specifying the condition tables in the desired sequence. With the sequence, you define the priority of the accesses. You can display combinations of key fields using possible entries.


In pricing, you use a customer-material discount. The condition records you create are based on customer data from the document header and material data from each document item. The discount is only valid for 2% of your customers, however. Normally, this would mean that the system would needlessly search through every available item for 98% of your customers. In this case, prestep would improve system performance.


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The access sequence defines the order in which the system searches for condition records.

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