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Access Sequence

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What is the use of access sequence? Where is it used?


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to get the meaning of acess sequence u need to understand thi info.

suppose i have maintained a info record for a material at 2 levels that is purchase org. and plant specific and

price in purch. org level 10 rs

price in plant specific 8 rs .

so it means i have 2 condition record for the same material .

now if i create a po for this material for this plant then system goes into the condition table to fetch the condition record using acess sequence

so in acess sequence it search for the plant specific price and if not found then it goes for purch. org price

so at the end of the day acess sequence tells the sytem tha in which sequence it should look for the condition record

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hi satya

In the access sequence , you define the condition tables that the R/3 system is to read, and in what order


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it is used wherever you work with conditions (messages, prices, batch determination ...)

The sequences using different fields to access the tables with the condition records. If an entry is not found, next access sequence is used to find a condition. When one is found the value is taken back to the program for further processing.

Easy example with messages.

Access sequence with one field: document type.

All purchase orders having document NB will print in New York headquarter office.

Next access: document type and purchasing org.

all POs having NB type and purchasing org 1234 will print in German office at printer PRN1

next access: document type, POrg, purchasing group.

all documents having NB type and org 1234 and Pgroup 111 will print in German office but at printer PRN2.

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The access sequence is, by definition, representing the searching strategy that the system uses to find valid data for a particular condition type. It determines the sequence in which the system searches for data. The access sequence consists of one or more accesses. The sequence of the accesses establishes which condition records have priority than others. The accesses tell the system where to look first, second, and so on, till it finds a valid condition record.