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Access Sequence Problem!

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Dear All,

I have a condition type <b>"ZPAR"</b> and the Access sequence attached to this is <b>"K304" (Material with Release).</b>

The client had a new requirement so I created a new condition table and assigned the table to a new Access Sequence <b>"ZLAN"</b> to the condition type.

In this case I didn't create any new condition record.

But later these requirements were not required so I changed the Access sequence back to <b>"K304" (Material with Release) .</b>

After I change it I am getting an error when I create a Sales Order.

The error <b>"Strategy group has not been maintained"</b> & <b>" Message no. 6P031"</b>

I went through the message but and checked the Material master but it was not helpful.

Then I created a new material master and created a Sales Order the error didn't pop up.

I further went ahead and created a condition record "ZPAR" with this material and created a sales order. The message popped up this time. Confirming the error was because of changing the access sequence in the.

This seems to be quite strange!

Can you please suggest a solution.

Thanks & Regards,

Subodh Kumar

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Answers (3)

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What is that new field ZZDI?

Can u tell me.

If it is not in the Allowed field cataloge first u need to move that field in to communication structure that is for header pricing KOMK, For item I think KOMP

Then only u can use that field.

For this u need to do some settings

Hope this will help u.


Sivalingeswara Rao.B

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Yes you are right, I have added it through an user exit.

That's not the problem.

Its working fine with other condition types.

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Generate the condition tables and then the access generation and save in sequence and then you can try.

reward if useful

rajesh shinde

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Hi Subodh,

What was the new condition table you created?



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I created a new condition table with a new filed ZZDI. The condition table look like this:

<b>Sales Org

Dist Channel