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Access Sequence -- Exclusive

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Hi Gurus,

I got a question regarding exclusive indication in Access Sequence.

The exclusive indicator prevents the system from reading the condition records, if it found value for existing condition table. It is a control for the system to access condition record from the date base. Ex. If you assign an exclusive indicator option for a condition table in access sequence, and if the system finds condition records for condition table in access sequence, then system does't go to the next condition table.

My question is what if we do not check the exclusive how does it behave? Will it search all the conditions records and after search which one will it consider? Please give example.

Many thanks in advance.

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Answers (3)

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System will read and propose all valid condition records into the conditions of sales order and it will take the last one into the net value calculation

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In access sequence if there are 4 condition tables assigned and if exclusive is not marked for any of the table and if you maintain condition records for all the tables then system will read all records but it will bring the last table record in the sales order

You can test this if you want



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The system will continue searching for all the condition records and pick up the most specific/most favorable in the example below.

For ex, I've the following keys:

1) Sales Area / Material Group

2) Sales Area/Material group/customer group

3) sales area/material

4) sales area/customer/material

and exclusive not marked and cond records 2,3,4 maintained and match for a given sales order then the system would pick up the cond record from 4.

Thats why it is recommended that when you setup exclusive indicator you need to maintain in the order of most specific to most generic for best results and best performance.