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access seq created in which package i saved

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HIi all,

I created one access sequnce for tax in which package / local object shall i save pls help me in this regard. i am working in development client.


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As far i know on the Transport of Configuration, each configuration work is attached to a Transport request Number and later on if this changes are required to be moved to Quality and Production server, these are released and transported. If you would like to aviod these changes being reflected to further server then you can save it to Transport request and don't release this TR. But if you would like to move the changes in the further system then you need to assign these configurational changes to a TR created for transporting the package to Quality sever.



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if you don't want to transport it to a different client (Quality or Production) then you can directly save it as a local package (Package - $TMP)

In that case system won't ask for a transport request number.

If you want to transport it, then please ask your ABAP person or Technical person on transportable packages they have. Get it form him, and enter it in the pop up under package ID.

Then it will ask you for a new transport request number. where you can release and transport later.

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As you are working on DEV client, then you have to test the same on QAS client, in that case save with PACKAGE. So, it will store as workbench request.

If you want to transport then "Don't save as local object".



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