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just want to ask if the accesskey ib develoing a program is different from creating function module. when i create function module it ask me the access key when i enter the access key that i use in developing a program it says that it is incorrect.



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That's right. To be able to change programs, programmers must be assigned a "Developer Key". This is linked to the user's id.

To change a standard SAP object (eg Function Module) you will be asked for an Access Key. You get this key from OSS. It allows SAP to keep a track of which standard objects you modify. As Sanjay said, if you want to change a Function Module, it will ask for key of corresponding function group R3TR FUGR XXXXX.

You will need to log onto OSS and register this object. Once you do this, you will be given the Access Key.

Hope this helps.



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Acees key is required the first time youchnage an SAP object on an instance.

Access key is required for high level objects for which object directory entries exist in TADIR table. If you change a Function Module it will ask for key of corresponding function group R3TR FUGR XXXXX.

If you change a pragram , access key of main prog R3TR PROG ( or R3TR FUGR , if include belong to a function pool ) is required.

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if you are modifing different standard objects, they have different access keys.


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Access key is one which you need when you want to modify SAP supplied code. This will be different for different objects.