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ABUMN Special depreciation positive in area 01 Message no. AA626

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Hi experts,

I want to make a transfer from one asset to another one via ABUMN.

I have a problem when i have special depreciation on my asset, but only if this special depreciation is done after january...

I receive the following message

Special depreciation positive in area 01

Message no. AA626

RQ : When the special depreciation is done in january, it's working fine.

        The business has to be able to make special depreciation when they have to, and not only in january!

The problem is coming from our depreciation code, i think.

In our depreciation code we have created a Z01 for period control method.

This code Z01 is customised as followed:

Period control methodAcqAddRetTrnRevInvSUpDpWUpR

The problem is coming from the period control used with transfer postings. It is set to 06 (at the start of the year).

For transfert, we need to use this code, as the business want the system recalculates the depreciation of the year on the new asset.

Missed i something?

Thanks in advance!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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During asset movements it is very important to take into account the period control indeed. This could indeed lead to positive (or negative) values where it may not be allowed according to the customizing in the depreciation key.

Usually, the period control controls determines from when the depreciation is started. When you have a period control 06 then it takes the first date of the fiscal year instead of capitalization date. But if you have period control 06 for transfer (or/and retirements) then the depreciation will be recalculated dated back to the beginning of the year and may lead to positive depreciation.

So you may need to reconsider the period control for transfers or allow the values accordingly (if that is an option at all).


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Thanks Brigitte,

I have now "copy" the same depreciation code that we have in an other system where this code is working. Difference between systems is that we have the new depreciation calculation.

Can this be the reason? I don't understand why this is working for the other system and not for us with same depreciation key...

Advices welcome!

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Hi Chis....

I just lost a full further thread upon saving...will try to recap again:

Since the new engine much stricter checks are performed and where there was no error stopping the system in the old engine the new depreciation calculation engine will stop the system.

See also:

1025126 Correct error messages from new depreciation

965032 - Differences between old and new depreciation calculation

For example I can describe a situation where Error AA617 may occur in combination with period control 06.

it seems that the
Let's assume error AA617 could appear for example when the posting date is 2013 and because the control period for 'Add.' ( Following Years) is 06. With Control Period 06 the APC to be checked is the amount at the beginning of 2013 and if it is 0,  the result would be negative, hence error AA617 occurs.

When making the posting in 2014, the system, according to period control 06, is checking the APC amount at the beginning of 2014, and let's assume the system finds an APC amount, hence no
error message is triggered.

Something similar may happen in your case with AA626 affecting special depreciation when you transfer (retire). Check what is the situation with special depreciation at the beginning of the fiscal year - could it possibly be positive?

Else, I suggest debugging might be your best option to see where and at what point the error is triggered.

I hope this information helps in some ways.


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