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I am trying to transfer an asset from one company code to another,however have never used this transaction before and therefore do not realy understand how it works. i'm not able to touch any configuration so i'm hoping someone can advise on any of the issues i have.

The company code of which the asset is being sent from the asset register is in GBP. The one recieving the asset is in Euros. Does this make a difference? Can i just transfer a GBP asset into a Euro entity and let the system do the converstion on currency?

I've completed the screen with the sending company code and asset number in the top boxes. The dates are to be the date of which i'm completing this. In the interco transfer to i'm amending to the company code recieving the asset and selecting new asset.

In the additional details tab, i'm selecting the posting period as the one we are currently in and document type as AA. But when it comes to specicial specif. for transaction - the transfer varient i try selecting option 1 - Gross Method and when i check the line items, it states 'data inconsistency: no revenue entered'. I've also tried this with option 2 - net method and get the same error message.

If i change specifications for revenue to read 'rev.from NBV' and we only have one option in the drop down menu (book depreciation), i get a different error message of 'Asset XXXX Intern-000001-0 IS Incomplete- check the asset'

Can anyone help? I'm beginning to think its because of the two different currencies, but its our year end in two and half weeks time and this needs to be done as soon as possible. the assets which i wish to move have NBV and prior year depreciation charged to them.

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Hi rachel,

can you ask clearly, because of i'm unable to understand what exultly you issue ...