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Absence Valuation Urgent

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Hi Gurus,

I have a scenario where i need to pay Absence only a part of IT0008.

1) Absence 1 only WT Basic, Housing & Transport is paid.

2) Absence 2 Only WT Basic & Housing is paid.

3) Absence 3 only WT Basic is paid.

4) Absence 4 only WT Basic & Transport is paid.

Please tell me how this can be done.



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Answers (3)

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You can address it only through a custom rule written in the portion of the schema where absence is valuated. There is no provision to manage the same through configuration


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maintain processing class 1 and specification 1 for all the wage types to be paid.. for absence..

Make Necessary Settings for Paid Absence in the payroll node..

maintain valuation basis table V_512W_B and the % of rate u want to give for absence...

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hi mahesh ,

Can i know how you have segrigated wagetype components.In general payment is done depending on levels(especially allowance grouping), .Can i know how ur scenario is.