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Absence Quota Accruals from days to hrs

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Hi Guys,

I need to change the Absence Quota Accruals process in SAP ERP ECC 6.0 system from Accruing time in days to hours. All necessary configuration changes are to be made in the development system (including Time and Payroll Schema changes for absence quota accrual, year-end transfer of unused balance and payout) and upon approval be transported and tested to the Quality Assurance system and Production. All past historic/archive transactions and records must be changed and reflect the absence quotas in hours.

Pls. let me know the steps for doing the same.



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Go to the table V_T556A and change days to hours for your quota.

Ccheck the deduction rule attached to the absence(which is related to quota) and change the units to hours.

You may have to run the time evaluation in the update mode from the retro date (past date).But I wouldn't suggest you to run the time eval from the past date untill it is tested regurously in the QA system,because retroing may cause some issues.