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About various reports in SAP

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As we know SAP provides certain standard reports which we can see thru SAP01 Tcode.

Now if my client wants certain important information about say

" Total inventory of a certain materials in particular storage location of particular plant and GR in same plant for the same material in previous one months period"

If i want extract all hose data from the syatem how can i do it.

As a fuctional consultant what could be my role in the above scenario.

Can ABAPer will help me in this and if so what i need to communicate to him so that he will extract this data for client.

Also can we say that getting above information is nothing but part of LIS .

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can't get these two reports (Stock of material in a plant/storage location) & GRNs of the material in the previous month in standard SAP report. You can develop a query (SQVI), where you may join the tables MSEG (for GRNs) & MSLB (Material stock). Select material code, GRN posting date as selection & display criteria. Select material stock, GRN number as display criteria. Exeute the query.

Hope this will help.



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Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Ashutosh

I am not sure whether this will addres

1. Material master Accouting1 View

Go to Material master Accounting view in change mode or disply mode MM02/mm03 and click on button previous period/year, a Pop window will appear showing details like stock, value in previous period/year

I am not sure but I have been making use of this feature since SAP 4.7 Enterprise version.

If in case SAP version which you are using is less then see point no 2

2. Check In SAP Oss Note number 193554 stock/valuation data for previous period/year

Relevant tables are called history tables MBEWH, MARDH, MCHBH, and so on



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Go in SE93 and enter MC**and F4.

You will get all transaction for inventory reporting for your storage locations and plants.

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u have to ask ur ababper to generate the query report.

or even yu can generate the same by transaction code SQVI or sq02-sq01 using the relavent tables.