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about transaction /event keys

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mm gurus

for what type of transactions we will use GBB Transaction/event key and can u explain about the use of this



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Srinivas Ponangi ,thank you !

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Offsetting entry for stock posting (GBB)

Offsetting entries for stock postings are used in Inventory Management. They are dependent on the account grouping to which each movement type is assigned. The following account groupings are defined in the standard system:

AUA: for order settlement

AUF: for goods receipts for orders (without account assignment)

and for order settlement if AUA is not maintained

AUI: Subsequent adjustment of actual price from cost center directly

to material (with account assignment)

BSA: for initial entry of stock balances

INV: for expenditure/income from inventory differences

VAX: for goods issues for sales orders without

account assignment object (the account is not a cost element)

VAY: for goods issues for sales orders with

account assignment object (account is a cost element)

VBO: for consumption from stock of material provided to vendor

VBR: for internal goods issues (for example, for cost center)

VKA: for sales order account assignment

(for example, for individual purchase order)

VKP: for project account assignment (for example, for individual PO)

VNG: for scrapping/destruction

VQP: for sample withdrawals without account assignment

VQY: for sample withdrawals with account assignment

ZOB: for goods receipts without purchase orders (mvt type 501)

ZOF: for goods receipts without production orders

(mvt types 521 and 531)