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About Third Party Sale

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Dear Gurus,

Kindly help me with configure the below process.

Unlike a third pary item ,which is delivered to the customer directly by the vendor, I want to add a material in the sales order which is procured and placed in stock, schedule lines allowed and then delivered along with other items. Which settings would make this material behave differently from a third party item.

Also, could you please tell me the difference between TAS and TAB Item categories?

Many Thanks


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Your process is called individual purchse order

You will receive an order from customer

Up on saving the sales order PR will get generated

Based on that PR you will rise a PO to vendor and

You will receive the stocks in your plant and will do MIGO and keep them as sales order stocks

Then you will generate delivery to the customer and do PGI billing etc

Settings reqd

1.Item category group as BANC

2.Item category determined will be TAB or should be TAB

TAB is marked with special stock indicator as E in standards (that is reqd)

TAB is delivery related billing A for billing relevance

3.Schedule line category should be CB

4.In VOV6 for Schedule line category should be CB

In VOV6 details Order type should be NB

Item cartegory in purchase should be 0 in purchase

Account assignment catgory should be M

If you ensure these settings then your process will go smooth

In background for the Schedule line category CB the requirement type determined will be KEB and

the requirement type KEB will be linked to Requirement class KEB

If anyone of the keys told in bold is not maintained or wrongly maintained the you will have problems in MIGO

From FI side it goes to consumption account not to inventory account as this is picked from the Requrement class in OVZG



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hello Friend,

The scenario you are talking about is the Individual Purchase Order. That can be done through standard Item Category TAB in the sales order.

Difference between TAS & TAB

TAS doesnt update the Inventory. Logical GR is done

TAB updates the Inventory and GR is real.

In TAS PR is generated through Schedule Line CS (Leg) because of the item category Third Party and Order Type D3 (Direct Ship requisation).

In TAB PR is generated through Schedule Line CB (Indiv.Purchase Order) because Order Type NB (Purchase requisition).

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Item Category TAS is used for processing Third party items.

Item category TAB is used for processing Individual purchase orders.

Unlike Third party sales, against the purchase order, vendor delivers the goods to the company and inturn the company delivers the goods to the customer. There is no link between our vendor and our customer.