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about shutdown fixed asset

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hi,my client requested stop depreciation for some of fixed asset for maybe 3 months,it means no depreciation posted to those fixed asset during the period of shutdown.

then i tryed to shutdown those asset in asset master,then i check depreciation,i found those already posted depreciation will be reversed after shutdown.

but i just want to stop depreciation ,i dont want to reverse those already posted depreciation,can somebody tell me how to do that?

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Go for shut down approach. But your depreciation key should allow shut down. check your depreciation key configuration

In asset master data

Go to time dependent terms,

Define the appropriate time interval for shutdown

Set the shutdown indicator

The system does not calculate the depreciation for the shut down period,

The useful life of the asset will increase to the extent of shutdown period.

When you remove the shutdown indicator, system automatically resumes the depreciation calculation.



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Hi Tanmoy,thank you so much.i ingored interval function.

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