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About ICAA01

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Dear Firends,

As we know, inter company pricing procedure ICAA01.

How its getting triggered while creating Inter company Billing.

In Inter company billing we create a single Sales Order using RVAA01.

For ICAA01 we have Document Pricing Procedure I. But how it determines the ICAA01. Please clarify.


Rajesh L

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Friend

ICAA01 is used in intercompany sales transactions followed by intercompany billing

If there are 2 company codes

Say Company code is 1000, sales org is 1000, plant is also 1000

Say another set up Company code is 2000, sales org is 2000, plant is also 2000

Now a sales order comes in sales org 1000 (assigned to company code 1000)

and you are supplying the material to this customer and to this order ( registered in sales org 1000) from plant 2000 (note plant 2000 assigned to Company code 2000)

This process is called intercompany sales

Now after all the supply is over when it comes to billing

Company code 1000 invoices to the customer for the material supplied with pricing procedure RVAA01


the Company code 2000 invoices Company code 1000 this is called intercompany billing (because the material has gone from plant 200 which belongs to company code 2000)

For this intercompany billing pricing procedure used is ICAA01 and that is picked through the document pricing procedure I assigned in the billing type IV in VOFA controls and thro CPP of the internal customer and the sales area

For this combination we maintain pricing procedure as ICAA01 in OVKK

A lot of customizing works are reqd to achieve this perfectly in sales order



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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