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abnan - post capitalization for decrease in values

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I am using transaction type 402 - ABNAN post capitalization for decrease in values.

The results that I am expecting is a credit to acquisition account, debit to accum depn, and debit (diff between acq amt and accum depn amt) to clearing acct.

What I am getting is a credit to acquisition account and debit to accumulated depreciation, with no posting to clearing account.

The configuration for transaction type 402:

Transaciton type group 99

credit transaction

capitalize fixed asset

consolidated transaction type 275

Asst hist sheet group 40..

Any suggestions as to why the post capitalization - for decrease in values is not working? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Post capitalization is used to bring in an asset that should have been capitalized in a prior fiscal year (one that is already closed) but for some reason was not created/capitalized at the time. It allows you to enter an asset value date from a prior fiscal year and it adjusts the depreciation to reflect that which should already have been posted -- as a vlaue adjustment.

If you are trying to decrease the value of an asset why don't you try the transactions that are available in the "manual value correction" section under "posting."

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