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hi gurus

can any one give me an info about

How to Perform ABC analysis in SAP?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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ABC Analysis

The ABC Analysis [Ext.] is used for classifying vendors or materials by order value. The ABC

indicator has the following values:

A Percentage with a high order value.

B Percentage with a medium order value.

C Percentage with a low order value.

The ABC analysis allows you to determine the relative importance of the individual vendors in

your vendor base, for example. It provides you with an overview of any changes that may occur

in your relationships with vendors.


To run an ABC analysis, proceed as follows:

1. Carry out the order value analysis as described in the section Running an Analysis of Order


You obtain a list of all documents that satisfy your criteria.

Note that filters are not taken into account when an ABC analysis is run. Instead, use

suitable selection criteria or an appropriate display variant.

2. Select a numeric key figure column in the list (e.g. Net value).

3. Choose ABC to run the ABC analysis.

A window appears, in which you can choose between the following analyses for Key

Figures [Ext.] (e.g. net value) and Characteristics [Ext.] (e.g. vendor, material):

_ Key figure (percentage)

_ Key figure (absolute)

_ Characteristics (absolute)

_ Characteristics (percentage)

4. Click .

You obtain a list in which all selected data records are allocated to the relevant


If, for example, you have chosen the analysis Key figure (percentage), the default values

for the ABC analyses are 50 – 30 – 20 percent.

For more information, refer to the BC Basis documentation, section ABC Analysis [Ext.].

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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hi gurus

If some stock is damaged in unrestricted stock how to cater this stock in the accounts?

thanks in adv