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I am trying to execute ABAVN, but the error message comes up as :

Asset 5000 2952412-0 will not be deactivated, it has a net book value

Message no. AAPO123


Asset 5000 2952412-0 cannot be deactivated, despite its complete retirement or complete intracompany/intercompany transfer, because the net book value is not zero in at least one depreciation area.


Check the posting and value date of the current transaction. The system considers transactions only if their posting and value date are before or the same as the current posting date and value date.

If all transactions have been recognized based on the above criteria, then leave the current transaction without posting the document. 'Recalculate values' for the asset. Then post the transaction again.

Please suggest, what should be done to resolve this.



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Answers (3)

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To my knowledge, the asset would have been retired, but not de-activated. To identify the problem, please check all the depreciation areas in the Asset Explorer screen (AW01N). You will come to know that one/some of the Depr area will still have NBV.

Probably there may be some revaluation to one of the asset and/or you would used asset value date prior to the last posting date to the asset. Check the date of the last transaction on this asset and you should used the Asset value date after that.

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You asset still have values. Check all depreciation areas. Maybe your transaction is limitated!


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There is a conflict with the asset value date you use on an other posting you created on this asset.

Use a value date later then your other posting