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abaper role in Upgradation project

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Pls let me know the Role and Responsibilities of ABAPER in Upgradation project.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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are we people here for only replying your qns?

we all have own work at our desk is not nesseccery for us to ans your qns.please dont say like this as you are is community you have to understand how can servive in community.please dont xpect here from anyone to spoon feeding to you.please support SDN.

Go through this info.

SAP Implementation:

SAP Implementation is the whole of processes that defines a complete method to

implement SAP software in an organization. It is based on best practices and case studies from various literature sources and presents a collection of processes and products that make up a complete implementation method to allow any organization to plan and execute the implementation of SAP (ERP) software. The SAP implementation process is made up out of four main phases, i.e. the project preparation where a vision of the future-state of the SAP solution is being created, a sizing and blueprinting phase where the solution stack is created and training is being performed, a functional development phase and finally a final preparation phase, when the last tests are being performed before the actual go live.

ABAP Developer Role is to prepare the Technical Specification (based on a Functional Specification given by a Functional Consultant), build the code, Review the code and finally to prepare the Unit Test Cases. Sometimes ABAPer may be asked to do a technical research for an optimal solution.

SAP Support:

After a go live, the application needs a maintenance/support to resolve the issues/tickets raised by the users when using the application. Ticket is like a request for changes/bug fixing or a request for a new ABAP Developer Role includes bug fixing/change the existing code due to new requirements/build a new code etc.

SAP Upgrade:

SAP Upgrade is nothing but upgrading the software with a superior version which has got more advantages when compared to the earlier version.

ABAP Developer Role is to go through transactions SPAU/SPDD to compare the old and new version of the change and finally need to activate the relevant one. Some times might need to work on SAP notes too.

Go through this link.I think you don't need any other doc.

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Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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First it will be to find objects whcih are impacted by upgrade. Now most of the solution providers have tools to do this work automatically with less human involvement. These tools give you a list of custom developments that will be impacted by upgrade which need correction in higher version. Each object in the list will be distributed to a person in team for fix. It is the responsibity of the Abaper to find out the error and fix the error in a given program and make it error free. This is checked by testing the object after the correction is completed. For exapmle a screen number has changed in higher version for a particular transaction. This implies a correction to all custom programs where this screen is used in BDC. Another example may be an obsolete function module which is not available in higher version and it is the responsibility of Abaper to find out suitable replacement for this.

But prior to this activity there is one more activity. If there are any changes to standard SAP developments like user exits or changes to standard code or changes to data dictionary, then they will not be reflected automatically after upgrade. There are transaction SPAU for workbench objects and SPDD for data dictionary objects. Abaper has to analyse the changed done to standard programs and dictionary objects and has to decide whther these are required in higher version. If they are required then correct them through these transaction codes.

There is a document given by SAP on roles played by different people in an upgrade project. I suggest you to read that.

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pls..... urgently i need answer this question,pls anyone help me..

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Hi Murugesh,

Please refer the thread below for the similar query,

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