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I have 2 standard texts that pretty much have the same code. The standard texts are called via a SAP Script which is used when a production order is printed with data like serial number, a logo, date etc. Now when I change the date on the production order, then the original date is printed which is wrong – the new date should be there. But when I print the second label (which is printed at the same time) the date is correct. When I print a copy of my two labels for production orders the date is correct. Anyone have any input on this? I guess that it has something to do with any update function or an application setting? The two standard texts have the same field for date, CAUFV-GLTRS.

Happy for any input

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Ho Johan,

Please check the include program : LCODRINC which is actually importing CAUFVD data from Screen. Please check this include.

Please let me information after your check.

I am using Routing/components list and PP order date is printing correctly for me.