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is there any specific flow of material management or tell me the flow of MM

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Hi Savitha,

Please put the subject relavent to the post - for this put (<b>need mm flow</b> ).

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1. MM Flow.

> goto T.C MM01.

> give material Number - some no.

give MAterial sector - Mechanical

give Material Type - Raw Material.

then goto ORg Levels on top.

then goto plant - 1000 n storage location - 0001

then select views.

in that select basic data 1, basic data 2, purchasing, general plant data storage / main..., Accounting 1 n then enter.

> Then give the materiual descripition

basic unit of measure KG

Mat group - 001.

click on purchasing n give mat no u have created n plant - 1000 n basic unit of measure KG n enter enter n enter.

then goto valuation class - 3000, P.C - S n moving price -100.

save then the mat no gets created.

> now go to TC XK01 ie, vendor master

give vendor - 126

comp code - 1000.

pur org - 1000.

Acc grp - 0001


give title name - company.

search itenm 1/2 - M

then Rec ACc - 31000.

Cash Mang Grp - A1.

enter n enter.

order currency - INR

in control data click on GR- based info verf n click on ACK Req.

save n enter.

> goto TC ME 11 ie, purchasing info record.

Vendor - 126.

Mat no - the one u have created.

Pur org - 1000

plant - 1000

info rec-

select standard enter n enter.

in Period delay time give -10 n In conditions Net price - 100.enter In control Pur grp - 100.

enter n enter n enter for three times.

> goto ME01 source list.

Mat no - mat no u have created.

Plant - 1000.

enter fix the line.

give vlaid from , vend to , vendor as 126 p org as 1000, enter n save.

> TC code RFQ for request for quotation.

TC ME41.

RFQ type - AN

Lang Key -EN

RFQ date - any date.

QUAT Deadline - any date RFQ-

give purc org grp - 000

presss enter

coll no - RFQ1.

enter then give MAt no RFQ qnt as 100 ,O as KG del dat n netr.

goto header click on Vendor Add

vendor - 567

Title - company


the goto tc ME47


give net price 100 enter.

then goto ME49.

give quotation no tht u have created coll rfq as RFQ1 vendor as 567 mat no u have created. n execute, back n back.

> goto tC ME51N for purc requisition.

click on header n give text as.

item as 10,SR as sur3, quant 100, del date, mat grp, plant n pur as 000

enter n save.

we will get purch req no...

now go to ME21N pur order.

click on Purchase/req no. click on value ur purh req no will be displayed there select it...

then goto Org data tab strip.

pur org - 1000.

Pur grp - 000

com code - 1000


vendor - the one u have given...

enter n enter check n save.

then tc MIGO for goods receipt.

give pur order no u have created...

gotot quantity tabstrip n press enter give qty in unit of enrty as 80

goto pur org tabstrip n give del comp as set automatic.

click on item ok.

then continue n then post n continue.

then two documents will get created mat doc n acc doc.

then > MIRO invoice.

give vendor no - comp code invo date pur ord no.then select it n copy.


then we will get acc no n write it in the acc block.

the >MB1A ie goods issues.

mov type - 201

plant - 1000

stor loc - 0001


cost cent - 1000

vendor - u have created

then give sc qty enter.

mat n acc doc r generated.

>MMBE stock overview.

give mat no - u have created.

plant - 1000

sto loc - 0001 n enter...

the MM get created...



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MM Cycle:

Purchase Requisition-> STaff in an orgn places Pur requisition for want of some goods/products - ME51

Request for Quotation(RFQ)-> The Purchase dept in the orgn calls/requests for the quotation for the products against which PR was raised. - ME41

Vendor Evaluation->After receving the RFQ's, after comparison a Vendor is finalised based on the terms and conditions.

Purchase Order(PO)-> Pur order was issued to that vendor asking him to supply the goods/products -ME21N

Goods Receipt Note(GRN)->Vendor supplies the material/Products to the orgn-


Goods Issue (GI) -> People receives their respective itesm for which they have placed the Requisitions

Invoice Verification-> ALong with the Material Vendor submits a Invoice for which the Company Pays the amount - .MIRO

Data to FI -> data will be posted to FI as per the vendor invoices

you better go through all these links u will get all the info what ever u need

for mm

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<b>SAP MM Tables Link and Flow</b>

MM flow is processing between business organisation and Vendor:

1...Purchase Requisition --- T.code ---ME51

2...Source List -


3...Request for Quation (RFQ)-T.codeME21N (To Vendor)

4...Purchase Order -

T.code -

ME21N (To Vendor)

5...Goods Receipt-------T.code....MIGO

(Tables: MKPF, MSEG)

6...Invoice Verification----T.code...MIRO

(Tables: BKPF , BSEG)

7...Vendor Payment----T.code...FB60 (FI - Account Payable)

MM Tables


EINA Purchasing Info Record- General Data

EINE Purchasing Info Record- Purchasing Organization Data

MAKT Material Descriptions

MARA General Material Data

MARC Plant Data for Material

MARD Storage Location Data for Material

MAST Material to BOM Link

MBEW Material Valuation

MKPF Header- Material Document

MSEG Document Segment- Material

MVER Material Consumption

MVKE Sales Data for materials

RKPF Document Header- Reservation

T023 Mat. groups

T024 Purchasing Groups

T156 Movement Type

T157H Help Texts for Movement Types

MOFF Lists what views have not been created

A501 Plant/Material

EBAN Purchase Requisition

EBKN Purchase Requisition Account Assignment

EKAB Release Documentation

EKBE History per Purchasing Document

EKET Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines

EKKN Account Assignment in Purchasing Document

EKKO Purchasing Document Header

EKPO Purchasing Document Item

IKPF Header- Physical Inventory Document

ISEG Physical Inventory Document Items

LFA1 Vendor Master (General section)

LFB1 Vendor Master (Company Code)

NRIV Number range intervals

RESB Reservation/dependent requirements

T161T Texts for Purchasing Document Types</b>

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The dataflow as functional process below are the points:

1) Purchasing Requsition -> sent by inventory dept to purcharsing dept

2) Request for Quotation(RFQ)-> Purchasing Dept shall ask the vendors to give the quotation for the requested materials by inventory.

3) Quotation -> Quotation is sent by vendors to the company

4) Purchase order-> Based on all paramers of a quotation sent by vendors. Vendors are selected from whom the material has to be obtained. The company gives purchase order to the vendor.

5) Good's receipt -> vendors sends the goods to the company with goods receipt

6) Invoice verification -> this done based on good's receipt. this means that the ordered goods have reached or not.

7) Payment -> payment is done based on invoice verification. this is (FI/CO) *-- Santosh Kumaar.M

Full MM Transaction Codes Flow:

RFQ to Vendor - ME41

Raising Quotation - ME47

Comparison of Price - ME49

Creation of PO - ME21N

Goods Receipt - MIGO

Invoice (Bill PAssing) - MIRO

Goods Issue - MB1A

Physical Inventory - MI01( Create doc)

MI04 (Enter Count)

MI07 (Post)

The FI - MM integration:

First you define the g/l master records.

1) Inventry raw material a/c

2) GR/IR clearing a/c

3) Raw material consumption a/c

Above like this you define all required g/l accounts then you will go to T.CODE - OBYC

Double click BSX (this is transaction key)




These are transaction keys important.

Then you go to T CODE - OMSY (this is also important) then

Material creation T Code MM01


1) Purchase order T.code ME21N

2) Goods received " MIGO

3) Invoice verification " MIRO